Client Testimonials

I don't think I have ever accepted my body for the way it is more than now - so thank YOU!

- Leigh D.

I loved working with Jill. She understood my busy lifestyle and helped me come up with a plan to achieve the goals I set out. 

– Leah H.

My favorite part has been the confidence I gained and the better mindset I have developed around food. Also, breaking down some myths about "bad" food was very helpful.

- Raven M.

I would recommend Jill to any athlete looking to develop an effective nutritional routine to support competitive performance. Jill understands the requirements of high intensity training and competition and effectively translates this in a personalized program (in my case, Ironman triathlon). 

- Michel O.

Jill was extremely kind, understanding, and nonjudgmental. I knew I could bring anything to her and she would listen and engage in what I was feeling. I learned the importance of trusting myself when it comes to food. And my mindset around fueling for performance changed dramatically. I know it will continue to improve over time because feeding my body will allow my body to perform.

- Kat C.

With Jill's help I was able to accomplish many nutrition goals and have more to work on in the future. The small changes she recommended in each session were able to add up to big results. I know that if I need further support in the future she will help in any way she can.

– Jessi N.

Jill understands the nutrition needs of a runner. She takes the time to read the comments I add about my nutrition in MyFitnessPal and give feedback. Sometimes what I eat and how I feel go together, and she uses this to adjust my nutrition and give me tips I never would have known about.

– Max C.

Jill is a wonderful resource for eating healthy & meeting your food goals! She not only taught me a lot about a balanced meal, but also made me have realistic goals that are sometimes hard to have, especially when constantly bombarded on social media with food influencers.

- Sarah M.

Jill was able to analyze my diet and help me create specific, actionable goals tailored to my athletic and health needs. She calculated a target protein intake based on my activity level and provided ideas on how to incorporate more of this macronutrient into my current routine. She also gave me food suggestions with micronutrients that would help maintain my bone health. With her guidance, I am already noticing improved recovery and am looking forward to building more muscle!

- Claudette W.

Jill, Thank you for helping me achieve my goal to run a half marathon. With your advice and recommendations I was able to fuel for performance, hydrate & recover. Now, on to the next race!

- Jeff R.

The guidance I received from the personalized nutrition guides and one-on-one sessions helped me develop healthy habits which have led to an increase in endurance, energy, and productivity!

– Female client

Jill, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak to us. Your enthusiasm, positivity and determination was extremely motivating and I am truly excited to step outside of my comfort zone, like you had said, to try new things.

– Katelyn, Dietetic Intern

Jill, Thank you for your presentation, “Fueling for Performance – Nutrition for Football Athletes” at the Minnesota Football Coaches Association Clinic. I appreciated how you restated each of the components of a healthy diet in a manner I, and I feel our players, will be able to relate to. The inclusion of the benefits on the human body of eating a healthy balance of different foods and examples of those foods was a real strength of the information you shared.

– Tom, high school football coach