Sports Nutrition Coaching

Feel Better Mentally

& Physically

Improve Your

Athletic Performance

Individual Nutrition Coaching for Athletic Performance

Are you unsure how to fuel properly for performance?

Do you feel low on energy or rundown often?

Are you not seeing the physical results that you would like to? 

In our work together, I will help you to:

Incorporate foods to fuel your body and mind before and during training

Develop a customized nutrition and hydration plan for training and competition

Get the most out of your training with adequate nutrition and recovery after exercise

This will help you:

Feel better mentally and physically during workouts

Have more effective and faster recovery from exercise and training

Increase your confidence going into competition

Improve your athletic performance

After submitting your no-obligation application, you will receive an email with more information.

Current sports nutrition coaching package is $299 per month.

What Clients Are Saying...

Jill understands the nutrition needs of a runner. Sometimes what I eat and how I feel go together, and she uses this to adjust my nutrition and give me tips I never would have known about. Working with her as long as I have, I feel like I’m eating better now. I’ve lost 12 pounds and I’ve lost 12 pounds eating more, which is great.

– Max C.

With Jill's help I was able to accomplish many nutrition goals and have more to work on in the future. The small changes she recommended in each session were able to add up to big results. I know that if I need further support in the future she will help in any way she can.

– Jessi N.

I would recommend Jill to any athlete looking to develop an effective nutritional routine to support competitive performance. Jill understands the requirements of high intensity training and competition and effectively translates this in a personalized program (in my case, Ironman triathlon). 

- Michel O.

Jill, Thank you for helping me achieve my goal to run a half marathon. With your advice and recommendations I was able to fuel for performance, hydrate & recover. Now, on to the next race!

- Jeff R.

Jill, Thank you for your presentation, “Fueling for Performance – Nutrition for Football Athletes”. I appreciated how you restated each of the components of a healthy diet in a manner I, and I feel our players, will be able to relate to. The inclusion of the benefits on the human body of eating a healthy balance of different foods and examples of those foods was a real strength of the information you shared.

– Tom, high school football coach

Nutrition for Runners

Not sure you are ready for individual nutrition coaching?

Start with my Nutrition for Runners Webinar recording.

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I am located in Nashville, TN. Due to COVID-19, I am only seeing clients virtually via phone or Zoom video chat.
Payment Policy

Full payment is required in advance of all appointments. Your scheduled appointment time is not confirmed until payment has been received. Nutrition for Endurance does not accept insurance or file insurance claims. If you would like to submit a request for reimbursement from your insurance company, an itemized superbill receipt will be provided to you upon request. Filing insurance claims and seeking insurance reimbursement for services provided is entirely up to the client for whom services were provided.

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