Nutrition for Runners

Are you unsure how to fuel your body properly for running?

Do you want to learn how to fuel for running without restriction?

Are you new to running and not sure what nutrition changes to make?

Have you been training for a while but not seeing the results you would like to?

If so, we have you covered!


Executed properly, sports nutrition can help promote optimal training and performance. Done incorrectly or ignored, it can derail training and hamper performance. Therefore, it’s important to have a fueling plan.

Most runners have a training plan but do you have a nutrition plan??


In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Carbs, Protein, Fat – what they are and why they are all important for runners

  • Common nutrition myths debunked (i.e. carbs are "bad" and weight loss myths)

  • Runner specific nutrition:

    • Fueling before exercise

    • Fueling during exercise

    • Recovery after exercise


You will also be calculating your own energy needs based on your current or predicted training schedule so you can have an idea of what your body needs for optimal performance and recovery.


Join Jill Merkel, Sports Performance Dietitian for this in-depth look into nutrition needs for runners.

What's Included:

1-hour workshop recording with Registered Sports Dietitian

Workbook with worksheets, tips, and notes


Please contact me if you have any questions.

What People Are Saying...

"I recently started paying attention to nutrition during training. What I've learned in this workshop has helped pinpoint where I need to improve and how to best reach personal goals."

- Jamie A.

"I enjoyed all of it! Great advice for fueling for workouts. I loved the worksheets so we can apply these slides to our own needs. I learned great tips for portion control and food choices before and after a run!"

- Melanie A.

"I liked the reassurance on having fats and carbs. Normally you hear that they are bad, but it's good to know a balance is ok."

- Catherine S.

"Learning what my body needs to fuel it will be important for training. The personal calculations for fueling needs was most valuable from this workshop."

- Allison K. 

"The adjustability of the recommendations based on individual needs is perfect."

- Damon W.