Executed properly, sports nutrition can help promote optimal training and performance. Done incorrectly or ignored, it can derail training and hamper performance. Therefore, it’s important to have a fueling plan.

Most runners have a training plan but do you have a nutrition plan??


In this webinar, we will cover:​

  • Carbs, Protein, Fat – what they are and why they are all important for runners
  • Common nutrition myths debunked (i.e. Carbs are "bad" and Weight Loss myths)
  • Runner specific nutrition:
    • Fueling before exercise
    • Fueling during exercise
    • Recovery after exercise


This webinar is great for runners of any level or distance. It is geared more towards long-distance runners but the information can be easily applied to shorter distances or other endurance-type workouts. You will also be calculating your own energy needs based on your current or predicted training schedule so you can have an idea of what your body needs for optimal performance and recovery.

Nutrition for Runners Webinar & Workbook


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