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Jill has been quoted in and written for several publications, including both web and print issues.

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In the Media

Nail Your Nutrition Podcast How a Sports Dietitian Helps Professional Athletes Fuel (December 2020)

Bucket List Tummy Caffeine and Running (November 2020)

Bucket List Tummy What Runners Should Know About RED-S (June 2020)

Sifuentes Coaching Nutrition Intake & Training Demands (May 2020)

Fleet Feet Tips & Tricks to a Healthier You (July 2019)

Nashville Fit Magazine How to Refuel Your Body After a Workout (May 2019)

The Dairy Alliance Recover Post-Run with Chocolate Milk (April 2019)

The White Line Podcast Nutrition for Runners (Sept 2018)

Fueling the NFL Tennessee Titans (Video) Begins at 7:52 (July 2018)

Shape Magazine Is It Bad to Eat A Protein Bar Every Day? (June 2018)

Women’s Health Magazine The Best Whole Grains that Don’t Taste Like Cardboard (May 2018)

What RDs Do Interview (May 2017)